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Do You Need a Compass To Help You Find Your Spirituality?

Posted by on Oct 4, 2015 in Spiritual Side |

There is a new trend emerging for adults who need help in awakening their spiritual side and gain a sense of inner peace and wellness. These retreats are for computer captive adults who are looking for a way to get outside, start a healthy lifestyle, and put their digital addiction to the side. Long hikes in the woods, meals around the campfire and restful sleeps inside of a large family are all a part of the package to bring over worked adults back to a place where they can finally find tranquility.

Camping for the Digitally Addicted

Specialized adult campsites invite you to check your smartphone at the door and learn how to communicate face to face again. Most of these types of adult themed camping adventures are well off of the grid, and offer activities like yoga, wellness workshops and star gazing. Some are quite rugged, with participants encouraged to bring their own camping gear to set up while others provide you with a small cabin and bed. Still bring along your own sleeping bag however, if you want to get the real feel of what camping is all about.

Spiritual Camping for Women Only

With the combination of wife, kid, work and social pressures, the special spiritual needs of women can be nurtured at retreats catered for them. These encourage you to bring along your own camping tent, and learn from the very beginning how to focus on taking care of you first. After your family size tent has been erected and your sleeping bag rolled out, you will be treated to spiritual building activities like yoga, massage and hiking tours. Find the right location for one of these women only retreats and you can even experience natural hot spring baths and tours along through spiritual ruins.

Camping With your Pet

Pets need help with their spirits too, and you can find a number of camping sites for adults that allow you to bring the dog along for a break from their everyday routines. Pups of all sizes and temperament are welcome, with fun activities planned for both the animals and the adults. Doggie yoga, craft building and diving into natural lakes are all a part of this spirit building campsite that takes into consideration the special requirements that your pets have.

Sometimes all it takes to bring your spirit back into the light, is some quality time away from your normal life. A camping trip geared towards adults who are seeking more than just fun and games could be just what you need to come to a place of inner peace and harmony.

Get In Touch With Your Spiritual Side

Posted by on Aug 1, 2015 in Find Peace, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Side, World's Religions |

If you are looking for a spiritual awakening you have come to the right place. Many people need to find their spiritual side in order to be able to get through their everyday lives. Sometimes you don’t even think about finding your spiritual side until you have some reason for it.


The majority of people will turn to their spirituality only when everything else in life has failed them. That is precisely why you should be in touch with your spiritual side even before mischiefs come your way. Not only you will be able to deal with problems more efficiently, but also you will improve your view of the world and all of this will contribute to finding your peace.

1.How To Find Peace


Having something to believe in will give you the much needed peace you deserve. Everyone wants to have a place they can go to and know that they are safe, protected and feel like they are at home. Ultimately, people achieve this by becoming spiritual and believing in something, and not by plastic surgery and a lot of money – like many people wrongly seem to believe nowadays. No matter what deity you believe in, or whether you believe in any deity at all, or are you just devoted to spiritual growth and not any religion in particular,

your spirituality will provide you with peace and serenity, which will affect all aspects of your life in a good and positive way. If you want to give your life a positive vibe and live in concordance with your inner self, you should start looking for peace inside yourself and believe that your spirituality will guide you even through dark corridors of sadness which may come your way, until your find the light at the end of the tunnel.

2.Get Rid of Fear

Fear is what is stopping you in life. And when you think about it and inspect your problems more closely you will see that fear is the root of the majority of your problems and negative emotions that are stopping you from reaching the happiness in life which you could and should be experiencing. A lot of times we are afraid of what society will think, of what will happen, what could go wrong, that we poison ourselves daily with words – what if? What if I lose my job? What if I get sick?

What if I go bankrupt? What if my wife cheats on me? What if my loved one never gets better from the disease they are suffering? These “what ifs” are holding you in a place full of fear and this is the right time to reach out and get in touch with your spiritual self. You should then follow the “what ifs” with “even if”. I will be OK even if I lose my job, get sick, go bankrupt, see my loved one suffer or die, or get cheated on. Because, I restore peace inside of me. I am peace.